Reconciling Ministry


What is Reconciling Ministry?

Auburn First United Methodist Church celebrates diversity and welcomes each person who comes here to seek God and Christian love and justice.  We invite all to full participation in the life of this church regardless of gender, race, national origin, physical or mental abilities, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or economic condition.  In our quest to bear the light of Christ, we will know no circles of exclusion, and therefore declare ourselves to be an open, reconciling and inclusive congregation.

Mission Statement

A Reconciling Ministry Team at Auburn First United Methodist Church has been established with a mission to:

  1. Extend Christ’s love to, and to share Christ’s love with the LGBTQ+, disabled, immigrant, minority and other individuals who do not always feel welcomed by the church
  2. Be intentional in practicing and celebrating the words in our reconciling statement

The Team will accomplish its work by organizing a variety of education, outreach, advocacy, service, and fellowship activities.  If you wish to join or support the Reconciling Ministry Team, contact the chair, Paula Hills, at


For a full history of the Reconciling Ministry at our church, please click  on the link below:

Upcoming News and Events

Join the Reconciling Ministries team as we march in the Seattle Pride Parade on Sunday, June 24th.  If you would like to join us, please contact Paula Hills at

Next Meeting:

March 26, 2018