Reality Youth Group

Are you, or a student in your life, looking for a faith-based community of peers? Are you tired of stuffy sermons and monotonous luncheons? Then consider yourself more than welcome to join AFUMC’s Reality Youth Group.  Reality Youth Group meets on Sundays.  The time has varied during the pandemic - please contact the church office for the current meeting time. Our focus is on building relationships, exploring faith, and creating community.

Everyone is welcome

Reality Youth Group is a safe, inclusive space for students of all identities and abilities. The group is open to any student in middle school through age 19.  Please, bring a friend!  

Building Relationships

Every Sunday, we play games, do activities, ask questions, and enjoy a (free!) meal together in non-covid times. Students are encouraged to share their questions, passions, and even their doubts with one another.  This does not have to be a serious group—if nothing else, it’s a place to find some friendly faces and have a warm meal.  However, we strive to make sure everyone gets what they need from the group, and feels that they belong.

Exploring Faith

Beyond encouraging students to connect with each other, we also try to broaden everyone’s horizons. Occasionally, Reality Youth is held outside the church at a surprise location—called “Destination Unknown.”  The goal of Destination Unknown is for students to experience new and unusual things, and perhaps even discover a hidden passion or talent.  Past destination unknowns have included a group painting class, short hikes, ceramics painting, and even a Renaissance Faire.

Creating Community

One of the most important aspects of a successful youth group is a sense of community. Students must feel that they can trust each other and God.  To help build this bond, Reality Youth typically hosts a yearly Winter Retreat, where students can unplug from their daily lives, and connect with each other and their faith on a deeper level.

For more information, please contact the church office, at

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Infants and Children

Children are also welcome to remain with parents and caregivers during the worship service.  An activity packet is provided for children when they arrive, and a children's moment is shared during the worship service.

Our Ministry with Children and Youth

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