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Sometimes life gets messy!

Between hectic weekdays, after school activities, work and errands to run, who has the time to make it to church every week? If you are struggling to find time to get to church, then Messy Church is for you.

Hosted at AFUMC on the second Wednesday of the month, Messy Church is designed for people of all-ages looking for a way to connect to a community and a message even if Sunday morning is booked or is not for them.  But Messy Church is more than just an after-hours worship.

Messy Church is messy.

Featuring a variety of crafts, games, activities, and snacks and when we are in-person, a meal.  Messy Church is perfect for those who don’t like being stuck in a pew.  We acknowledge that life and faith are not always clean and orderly. We welcome and encourage you to get your hands dirty with the activities offered, and to embrace non-traditional worship and messages.

We're meeting in-person again!  Doors open at 5:15 pm for welcoming activities and snacks. Then we transition to the message, share a meal together, and wrap up by 7:30. It is required that children under the age of 18 have an adult with them. After all, we are for all ages.

See how God is with us in our messy lives. Join us at Messy Church!

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